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About Crypto Courses

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New to the crypto market or seasoned investor, there are always new ways to learn how to profit from the new information that others are implementing.

Our newest training is about getting monthly results with automated Crypto Trading Robots.


Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Courses.  All you need to know from professionals to trade successfully

Our Strategy

The Roadmap

Week 1
Crypto Basics

Learn the basics of the cryptoycurrency industry

Week 5
Account Set up

Get started by setting up your trading accounts securely

Week 6
Investment strategies

What kind of investor are you? What is the starting strategy you will start with?

Week 7

Fundamental & Technical Analysis Data For Informed Decisions

Week 8
The Plan

To be successful in cryptocurrency trading, you will need an effective trading strategy

Week 9
Spot and the Derivatives

Which style suits you?

Week 10
Crypto and Hedging

Hedging cryptocurrencies using financial instruments

Week 11
Swing & Trend Trading

Longer term strategy for success

Week 12
Crypto and scalping

Day Trader Strategy to be successful

Week 13
Crypto and Bots

Let automation lead you

Week 14
Investor Type

What kind of investor are you? Day trading or long term?

Investment Growth

Day vs Long Term Trading

Investors With New Wallets

Course Completed By Investors

Why Crypto Training

Increase Your Profitability Through Other Success

When it comes to money, we all want to be on the winning end, and this is magnified by learning from the successes of others.  The many crypto courses help you decide which investor you want to be, how much to invest and how much to make. Your investment in you today will reward you in the future.

Mining Hardware

If your interest lies in mining, learning from those who have made mistakes and working out the success, saves you time and money, learn from their secrets and profit!

Money Transfer Networks

Discover the best networks to manage and transfer your money on. Learn from the experts as to the best networks they use, and only discoverable through courses.


New systems and new technology hit the market every day. Learning from the pros keeps you up to date with the best technology for your investment strategy, and the best technology that is most useful to you


Investing in coins long or short term, follow the best strategies from those whose financial motivations fit you the best.


Invest in a market that is still growing and expanding, but invest in knowledge from educators who have traded for some time and worked out the pitfalls and successes of the industry. Speed up your learning time and reduce your investment risk.


Are you a buy and hold or a trade turn around person? Either way, working with technology that will give you the best outcome will grow your portfolio. Trading bots may just be the solution, learn from the creators and pros for hands free financial growth

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Frequently Asked

The goal with all courses on this site is that they all teach you the course creators successes and discusses the failures. Every person’s situation is different, and the outcomes will be different

As the Crypto Industry evolves, so do courses. Our editors are the first to review and list cryptocurrency courses so you know they are fresh and relevant to what is happening today

Depending on the course, most courses aim at saving you time and money, learn from others mistakes, learn the tricks of the industry, the methods of success and implement the learning for your own success

The courses offered on this website are for a range of people looking to learn. You can be a complete beginner or an advanced trader. Maybe you are focused on one area of cryptocurrency and want to know more about another. We have a course to suit you!